Senior Management

JOSEPH SMITH is the founder and CEO of 1754 Properties LLC. Prior to founding 1754, Mr. Smith was a founding principal of Glenmont Capital Management LLC, an institutional real estate investment firm which began in 2001 and consummated $1.5 billion in assets in over 20 states across the country by the time Mr. Smith left, some 12 years later. Before Glenmont, Mr. Smith was at Deutsche Bank / Bankers Trust, where he was involved in more than $150 million of both real estate debt and private equity investments in properties around the United States, including acquisitions of distressed debt encumbered by real estate. Prior to his time at Deutsche Bank, Mr. Smith was an investment banker in the hotel group at Banc of America Merrill Lynch (at the time called Montgomery Securities), where he worked on more than 30 real estate transactions representing more than $3 billion. His experience includes transactions in mergers and acquisitions, public equity offerings and high-yield bond offerings.

Mr. Smith graduated with an MBA from Columbia Business School and earned a BS in finance, with honors, from Santa Clara University. He is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma at both universities. Mr. Smith is a founding member of the real estate circle board and a member of the advisory board of the real estate program at Columbia Business School. He speaks on the investment in distressed real estate at Columbia Business School regularly and serves the Columbia community in various other capacities. Mr. Smith has also served on panels at Harvard Business School regarding entrepreneurship in real estate. Mr. Smith has a working knowledge of Spanish.

Mr. Smith may be reached at